domingo, 3 de enero de 2010

2010: New Thoughts

A new decade starts now in the 21st century, the only century I'll live for long.

2009 was not a bad year for me. Despite many obstacles and setbacks, I still remained alive and well. Thank you Lord, for this opportunity.

Let's go to the business side. Since May of last year I've been stuck in this industry. And I'm stuck for good. For this year that starts from now, everything will be better than ever.

Over 250+ downloads. 38 mixes. A couple of parties. This can be upgraded. Yes. UPGRADED.

My 2010 thoughts? simple. For my family and friends, Peace. Health. Love. For my fans, Goodwill. Loyalty. Joy. For my enemies.... just say it's a brief truce.

I'll look forward to the next battle. 2010 will be the year "From The Vault", my first album.

And as always, Thank You for your support.


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