martes, 22 de junio de 2010

Emotional Spectrum

From Wikipedia:

Emotion is associated with mood, temperament, personality and disposition, and motivation. The English word 'emotion' is derived from the French word émouvoir. This is based on the Latin emovere, where e- (variant of ex-) means 'out' and movere means 'move'. The related term "motivation" is also derived from movere.

shows your true manifestations: behavior, expression, action. Seem the inevitable. Expect the unexpected. I must vs. I can. And the lists goes on and on...

There are many emotions, but I will take notes on seven of them. As influential as progressive they are, my case in no exception to the rule.

This emotions circles within life itself. Mine looks like an auth
entic story.

Rage. A mental state that is one extreme of the intensity spectrum of anger. Sub-divisions: Anxiety, Ecstasy, Euphoria, Hatred, Hysteria, Resentment, Suffering. I used to be bullied constantly at high school. My temper rises while being molested extremely, to the point I even lose control from within. A feral instinct invades me at the expense of risking everything at sight. Moody, bad-tempered and growing pains.

Not a emotion entirely, but one of the seven deadly sins. Sub-divisions: Greed (a full synonym), Pride, Vanity, Desire, Envy. When I was a child, I wanted everything wherever I saw and contemplated. I was so obsessive, and even I had my toys or belongings I usually neglect a borrowing request. Although I slowed down as ages progressed, sometimes, I need to protect whatever I can appreciate most.

r. An emotional response to a perceived threat. Sub-Divisions: Anticipation, Anxiety, Confusion, Doubt, Loneliness, Panic, Suffering, Surprise, Worry. I used to be terrified with insects, namely cockroaches and spiders. Most recently, one day I was barefoot in my bedroom and a centipede passed around my feet. I was shocked, and surprised at the same time, and after killing it, I discovered centipedes had a very painful bite. Luckily enough it didn't bite me after all.

Will. More than an emotion, it's self-determination as the name goes. Sub-divisions: Courage, Desire, Enthusiasm, Euphoria, Interest, Optimism, Passion. Maybe I'm a natural underdog. I'm 27 years old, and I was never favored with the best belongings, or a elevated social status, even the hottest chick at school. Now, being a professional and living life as the first day sounds good to me. More things to come, sooner or later.

Hope. a belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one's life. Sub-divisions: Anticipation, Contempt, Curiosity (literally), Expectation, Interest, Optimism/Pessimism, Wonder. Yes, I won as I lost, and I expect more to add to the record. With future things to come (including the most recent activities), making changes for the better.

on. An act of forgiveness, or self-pity. Sub-divisions: Affection, Empathy, Gratification, Gratitude, Patience, Pity, Regret, Shame, Sympathy. A Tutti-frutti emotion from within, Sometimes I can spare someone from my rage, or landing a hand to anyone crippled by fear, and strengthen the hope. Even at a young age, this is experiencing.

a number of emotions related to a sense of strong affection and attachment. Sub-divisions: Affection, Desire, Ecstasy, Happiness, Limerence, Lust, Passion, Wonder. Since I was born, love from within was born. Friends and family, even love interests. I thank everyone because they appreciate my own way, as I appreciate their own way. No borders allowed. Universal unity.

There are multiple emotions from any human being. This ones, however, are just a sample in a life cycle. In my case, the adventure continues.

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