miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2011

Power Mix 35 Listo

Note from the DJ: Trance is Back!!! I cannot neglect my origins. Sounds greedy, but the first thing I was listening and mixing was trance music. I have a debt with the genre, so here's my payment. :P

Download it here.

General Info:

My Own Power Mix 35 -- Back To Basics (Made by DJ Khriz_Lethal)
Size 81.63 MB
Length 59 minutes 26 seconds
Channels 2 (stereo)
Sample Rate 44.1 KHz;
Sample Size 16 bit
Bit Rate 192 kbps
Encoder LAME3.96
Constant Bit Rate 192 kbps
Audio Quality High (Lossy)
Type MPEG Layer 3 Audio File [.mp3]

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compliments for blog of music